Marathon – a “great” preparation

How does the right preparation for a half marathon or marathon work? Is there “the” fuel for particularly good and long-lasting performance? Are there any food supplements that can help me run? Many runners regularly ask us for advice on this topic. We will now clarify with an example and with “Hammer Nutrition Products” 😊

The weeks before the race

In order for the body to perform well and for a long time, it needs energy in the form of carbohydrates. The successful “filling” of carbohydrates in the body begins weeks before the race. After every workout, the body needs energy again as soon as possible (within 60 minutes).

A recovery shake from Hammer Nutrition is suitable for this, as it is the ideal formula for complex carbohydrates and proteins (3: 1 ratio). The recovery shake supports the body in building muscle tissue, strengthens the immune system and supports regeneration.

The night before the race

It’s very simple: Eat a balanced and completely “normal” diet as you are used to. Prefer complex carbohydrates, some good quality protein, and little or no saturated fat. Make sure your meal is low in sodium (salt). The body only needs between 500-2300 mg sodium per day, this amount can easily be absorbed through the daily diet. Drink enough water. Allow yourself enough sleep and skip alcohol, fatty food and dessert … save yourself these “rewards” for after the race 😊

On race day

The last large meal should be eaten 3 hours before the race (e.g. a muesli)

A small energy bar can be taken 1 to 2 hours before the competition

5 minutes before the start: 1x Hammer Gel

This way you can fill up your energy stores well and provide your body with the calories it needs.

In addition, drink enough fluids, for example with a sports drink with complex carbohydrates: Hammer Heed or Hammer Perpetuem (= Caffe Latte flavor also contains caffeine)

During the race

Hammer Endurolytes, Hammer Endurolytes Extreme or Hammer Fizz can be taken both before and during the race. These products provide an effective electrolyte replenishment and prevent cramps during long endurance units.

For longer units from 2 to 2.5 hours, a “normal” (no protein) Hammer Gel or Hammer Heed can be taken.

If your race lasts closer to 3 hours or longer, you have several options to optimally take care of your body:

Hammer Perpetuem – the fuel for long endurance units

“Ultra” hammer gels – peanut butter, peanut butter chocolate or nocciola, which contain complex carbohydrates and a small amount of protein . The reason for the protein is that after 2 hours of exercise your body gets a small percentage of your energy needs from proteins. If you don’t feed your body with protein, it will rely on its own lean muscle tissue to get the amino acids it needs. This increases ammonia release – a major culprit in premature fatigue during long endurance sessions.

After the race

The same applies here – refill the energy storage system thoroughly! So that regeneration can take place, a balanced meal with complex carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fat should be used.

Questions about nutrition?

We would be happy to support you in creating a nutrition plan including a recommendation list of supplements for your competition preparation.

More details You can find information on the Hammer Nutrition competition preparation here:
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