Motivational help: 5 tips to motivate yourself for your training

As an enthusiastic athlete for many years, I rarely have trouble motivating myself for my training. While similar statements can be heard from fitness fanatics and athletes, fitness newbies often struggle to force themselves to exercise.

How easy it would be to replace the scheduled fitness session with a movie or to watch the evening with Netflix spend instead of doing sports!

Below you will find 5 motivational aids that lead to an immediate motivation boost.

Motivational aid # 1 : Remember your goals

Take a moment and recall your goals.
Have you set yourself the goal of feeling vital and full of energy? Do you want to improve your health and general fitness? Is your ideal of a sporty, athletic body?

Always keep your goals in mind and think of the measures you have taken to successfully achieve your goals. Still no motivation? Maybe a sign to set yourself a fitness goal and work out a game plan.

Motivation aid # 2: Visualize the result

Open the Notes app on your smartphone and make a list of all of them Advantages that the training brings with it. How will you feel after your workout? How is your health affected by fitness training? What effects does the fitness visit have on your physical and mental health?

The list serves as a motivational aid and helps to replace negative thoughts such as “Today I am too tired to train” with positive ones (“After I had the whole Having spent the day in the office, I will now do something good for my body and my fitness ”.

Motivation aid # 3: Use caffeine

Caffeine not only serves as a stimulant, but also has a positive effect on motivation and can also increase athletic performance. If you feel tired from work and need an extra kick, drink a coffee without hesitation. If a coffee is too weak for you, you can alternatively use a pre workout booster.

Warning: Caffeine can have a negative effect on sleep, which is why it is not recommended in the evening.

Motivational aid # 4: Have a fitness program created for you

A fitness program gives you your training units, serves as a training reminder and is therefore the ideal motivational aid. Last but not least, you have spent money on the fitness program – if you don’t take your training seriously, the results will probably not come about either.

As an alternative, there are personal training sessions with which you commit to time obligations. You don’t want to cancel your trainer five minutes before the training just because you are “a little tired from work”.

Motivation aid # 5: Find a training partner

If you are missing that Motivation for fitness training, it is worth looking for a training partner. Define fixed weekdays together on which you train together and motivate each other. Not only does training with a training partner lead to better discipline and increased performance, it can also combine fitness and socializing. The same effect is also achieved with group courses and joint boot camps.

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