Hammer Gel – is not like others

Be it at the races we support or on the phone, all too often we hear this one sentence. As soon as the uninformed customer or new Hammer customer is confronted with the Hammer Gel, he or she replies: “Ah, these things, I don’t like them. They give me a stomach ache and taste way too sweet. ”

This circumstance makes us sad – not because we want to sell more Hammer Gel, but because there is another person who has had bad experiences with similar looking products had to and was thereby dissuaded from one of the most effective and efficient ways of energy supply for endurance training.

There are numerous energy products and energy gels there outside, which are sold in similar bags and claim the same benefit for themselves. But the contents of these bags are anything but uniform!

Hammer Gel is made from natural ingredients (if it says blueberry or raspberry flavor, these are ingredients actually inside!), contains complex carbohydrates and has a low acid content. This contrasts with the other products that are available on the market as sports gels or as nutrition for running. These consist of artificial flavors, colors, simple sugars and citric acid.

Very simple: Simple sugars cause your blood sugar levels to skyrocket and then drop again just as quickly. Simple sugars also require a huge amount of water to be properly processed, and when it is missing, the intestine gives up. Add to this the acid that irritates your throat, stomach lining, and intestines. Nobody should be surprised that one bad experience with these things is enough to turn your back on these products – and everything that looks like them – for all eternity. If you use products with these ingredients, it is only a matter of time before you have a bad experience with them.

The tragedy is that Hammer Gel is thrown in the same pot. It may look the same, but the effect is absolutely unique. Complex carbohydrates (from maltodextrin) are a source of fast carbohydrates and provide long-lasting energy. The typical blood sugar curve here has an average duration of 70 minutes. In addition, the Hammer Gel requires almost three times less water to be absorbed. This means that the sports gel arrives in the blood through the digestive system without any further problems, while at the same time eliminating gastrointestinal complaints. The low pH value also promotes digestion and helps to reduce the acid load that often arises from training.

This is the reason why Hammer Gel has prevailed over other sports gels over the last 25 years could and could bind a loyal clientele to itself. Most people have no idea of ​​the science behind this product – they simply observe that other energy gels are disturbing their digestion, while Hammer Gel makes them feel strong, energetic, and ready for their next one Enjoying activity, exercising or running the marathon.

If you are one of the unfortunate ones who turned away from this product category, don’t give up! Put the Hammer Gel to the test yourself and feel the difference. You will love the result – we guarantee that 100%, as we have been doing with all our products since 1987.

If you have any questions about how you can integrate Hammer Gel or another Hammer product into your sports nutrition, your diet for the next marathon or your training plan, give us a call or send us an email. Our friendly sports nutritionists are waiting for you and are happy to help you.

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