Hidden calories – be careful with these dishes!

You eat healthy, avoid fast food and fatty foods and still you do not lose weight.

Does this sound familiar?

Many foods that are actually considered healthy have a lot of hidden calories and are for this reason it can only be enjoyed en masse. In this article you will find the biggest calorie traps that you have surely fallen into in everyday life.

1. Smoothies

Smoothies and multivitamin juices are often offered as healthy snacks, because they contain many vitamins. However, if you check the nutritional information, most smoothies hardly differ from Coca Cola!

Tip : When buying smoothies, pay attention to the nutritional information and ask make sure the drink has no added sugar. The even better alternative is to prepare your own fresh fruit juices.

2. Bars

Energy and protein bars are ideal as a snack between meals, but be careful: many bars available in the supermarket contain a lot of fat and sugar!

Tip : Stay away from crispy and chocolate-covered bars and choose tried-and-tested protein bars instead.


Nuts are a very healthy snack. In fact, nuts such as almonds and cashews have numerous health benefits. With 600 calories per 100 grams, nuts have an extremely high energy density and are therefore considered a calorie bomb.

Tip : Enjoy nuts in small portions! An apple and 30g almonds, for example, are suitable as a healthy snack.

4th muesli

In the fitness and sports world, muesli enjoy a high priority: They provide energy and are therefore often consumed for breakfast. But watch out: Most of the ready-made muesli mixes available in the supermarket are packed full of sugar!

Tip : Prepare a muesli with oat flakes, almond milk and about one Banana too, very tasty and the calories are limited.

5. Salads

Have you ever ordered a salad in a restaurant and then said something like “You eat so healthy!” belonged to a colleague? In truth, many salads are real calorie bombs! Although the ingredients generally do not contain many calories, the salad dressing can contain several hundred calories. If you also eat some bread with the salad, the meal can quickly have more calories than a serving of French fries!

Tip : Avoid ready-made sauces and use one as a sauce Tablespoons of olive oil with vinegar.

6. Dried fruits

Fruits contain a lot of vitamins and are healthy! Basically correct, but dried fruits are often additionally sweetened and a handful of them can contain more calories than a row of chocolate.

Tip : Check before buying of dried fruits the nutritional information. Even better: buy a fresh fruit – they are juicier and offer a significantly better nutritional profile.

7. Fruit yogurt

Yogurt is healthy as well as fruit – therefore a fruit yogurt must be twice as healthy. Wrong thought: Many fruit yoghurts are artificially sugared and don’t have much in common with fruits.

Tip : Prepare your own fruit yoghurt with low-fat quark and fresh fruit .


Do you prepare chicken and meat with butter or oil? The low-fat protein source quickly turns into a calorie bomb! Two tablespoons of oil contain up to 250 calories. It should be noted that this does not increase the volume. In restaurants in particular, meat meals (but also often vegetables!) Contain many hidden calories.

Tip : Prepare the meat with a little coconut oil or even without any fat to.

9. Sandwiches

Ready-made sandwiches from the supermarket or canteen often contain hidden calories. A tablespoon of mayonnaise in a tuna sandwich can easily add up to 100 calories.

Tip : Make your own sandwich without mayonnaise and buy the ingredients yourself.

Hidden calories – conclusion

Hundreds of calories more or less because of a little oil or sauce will not have a significant effect on body weight. If you regularly tap into the appropriate calorie traps, the number adds up and there is a risk of unwanted weight gain.

If you want to lose weight successfully, you have to be in a calorie deficit. Hidden calories affect the calorie balance and can lead to missing results.

The easiest way to avoid hidden calories is to cook yourself and prepare the menus. This gives you full control over the food consumed and sets ideal conditions to reach your target weight.

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