4 reasons why you should practice yoga

Do you feel emotionally drained? As a sports muffle, you have little desire for sweaty exercises? Is your neck constantly tense? Yoga could be your solution to all of this.

Like so many health teachings that have spilled over from Asia to the western world, yoga has its way from India to Europe and especially to Germany found in the hearts of people who would like to finally live healthier and more consciously. Because one thing has long been proven: the practice of yoga not only improves the physical and psychological condition, but can also contribute to a completely new, improved attitude to life. The following four reasons speak in favor of practicing yoga regularly:

1. Yoga ensures a healthy immune system

Yoga promotes health, because the exercises make the entire body more mobile, which in turn strengthens the immune system and promotes faster healing of the entire organism. As a result, you yourself are much more resilient and sick less often, because the regeneration processes are unrestricted and in full swing.

2. Yoga makes you self-confident

Not only physically, but especially on a mental level, yoga can improve overall well-being. Regular yoga gives you the opportunity to find harmony with yourself and thus paves the way to develop inner and outer strengths of character such as balance, strength and concentration. Even 30 minutes of yoga twice a week ensure a completely natural self-confidence on the energetic level, as yoga primarily uses the expression of the solar plexus chakra.

3. Yoga helps to be more mindful

Due to work, studies, family responsibilities and other stress factors, the majority of the population are under enormous pressure every day, without being aware of it. Especially those who live more outside and do not give enough affection to their own inner needs often get into a crisis or even suffer burnout. With yoga you will learn through the Indian teachings to go through everyday life with mindfulness and inner calm. This enables you to master personal developments more easily and to be more balanced.

4. Yoga improves love life

The fact that yoga promotes good sex obviously has nothing to do with high acrobatic performance. Rather, yoga causes an improved body feeling – physically as well as mentally – and thus ensures that you can fully engage with the moment during the act of love. If you can also try different positions without getting a cramp or contracting a dislocation, then that is a wonderful plus point. Yoga not only strengthens, but also stretches your body, so that you can indulge in the act of love in a smooth, sensual and harmonious way.

If you have never tried yoga yourself, then it is advisable to yourself just embark on the adventure and bring your body and mind into healthy harmony.

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