Buy protein shakes: you should pay attention to this!

Protein shakes are not only popular with athletes, but also with many figure-conscious people. However, there are a few things you should consider when buying. We’ll give you the best tips!

If you want to buy a protein shake, you are literally spoiled for choice. With whey protein or milk protein, cold-pressed or purely vegetable: The selection of protein shakes is now huge. Finding the right protein powder is not that easy, however. In a good protein powder, it’s not just the ingredients that play a major role. The manufacturing process and the protein content can also provide information about how good the protein powder really is.

That is certainly the first question you will ask yourself when Should consider buying a protein powder. Because: Protein powder is not just protein powder.


For athletes and figure-conscious people who

  • build muscles,
  • Reduce your body fat or
  • want to eat a high-protein diet,

whey protein is the best choice. The body can absorb it very quickly, which is why it is drunk directly after training or as a snack.

An equally high-quality protein powder is Milk protein (casein) – a significantly slower-acting protein powder, which provides you with protein for hours. Milk protein is ideal when taken before bed to protect the muscles from catabolic (degrading) processes.

Those who eat a vegetarian or vegan diet should opt for a plant-based protein powder Proteins are obtained from peas, soy, hemp or rice .

When buying a protein powder, you should make sure that the protein content is over 60% lies. Because: The higher the protein content of a protein powder, the better it can be absorbed and the less you need. Whey protein is clearly ahead in this regard – closely followed by egg protein and casein .

By the way: If you also want to use the protein powder as a meal replacement, you should keep an eye on the amino acid content

. The higher the content, the better the protein powder is.

These amino acids have to be absorbed through food and are essential for the body. Above all, they are a very important source of energy for the muscles and ensure a better supply of proteins in times of high physical stress.

If you want to buy a particularly high-quality protein powder, you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket. Because: The better a protein powder is, the fewer carbohydrates and fat it contains.

This is usually achieved through more complex manufacturing processes in which these undesirable nutrients are filtered out. What remains is an almost pure protein powder, which is then available as whey protein , isolate or hydrolyzate , and (almost) no carbohydrates or contains fats.

By the way, cold-pressed CFM (cross-flow microfiltration) whey protein , which is rich in essential amino acids, is even better.

The right one Finding protein powder is actually not that difficult. Sufficient clues such as the protein content, the level of essential amino acids and the protein powder used can provide information about the quality of a protein powder.

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